Spanking a Corporal Punishment

Spanking can be viewed in different dimensions one them being as a corporal punishment. Spanking is an act of striking ones buttocks to make them have physical pain using an open hand. One can use different things to spank and this gives spanking different names. If one uses a cane it’s called canning, if one uses belt is called belting. Other forms of spanking include padding, whipping, and padding.

Parents spank their kids and those at the adolescent when they show some undesirable behaviors. Because boys are said to be naughty they have high chances of being spanked than girls. Mostly it is done by parents but in some places it is allowed in schools by tutors.

At home the parents slap the children at the buttocks with bare hand. This is usually done to ensure that children get compliant to simple rules and stop aggressive behaviors. In school it is mostly done using a cane and allowed in continents like Africa and Asia.

However, study has it that children who are spank by their parent regularly tend to disobey their parents over time. Parents are always are also advised to avoid spanking their children when angry as this may be a form of physical abuse.

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